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Chemistry 347

Who uses ACS Style?

The purpose of this guide is to assist in citing ACS style, developed by the American Chemical Society. ACS Style is the standard citation style to cite resources in the field of chemistry, but may vary in elements based on the individual journal. Please check with your syllabus, professor, or advisor to make sure you are using the correct citation style required for your class. 


*This information has been reused from Williams College ACS Style guide and University of Portland ACS Style Guide.

When to Cite

Academic writing requires that you acknowledge use of the intellectual work of others.  These are some of the most common situations that require that you identify and give credit to the work of others:

  • A direct quote from a text.
  • A direct quote from someone else’s writing about that text.
  • A paraphrase of the ideas of another writer.

It is not necessary to give credit for commonly known facts or expressions. [1]

[1] The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003), 444-45.

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