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Econ 383: International Trade

How to use this guide

Once you have been given your debate topic, you can begin searching these various resources in order for you to develop arguments for your given stance. 

You are going to want to search for:

  • Background information about the topic you are exploring
    • Locate your issue in the economic literature, starting with EconLit database.
      • Collect the socio-economic-political information that will help inform you about the topic.
      • Utilize policy briefs that are applied and actionable.
  • Policies: What are policies that have shaped the macroeconomic theory of your topic?
    •  Utilize policy briefs that are applied and actionable. 
    • Look through News Sources- How is this issue being reported about in various new sources? Domestically? Internationally?
    • As you write your policy brief, you should be addressing the context, problem, economic analysis and suggestions with your research.
  • References: Use economic data, relationships, literature analysis, policy research and think tanks.

International Country Information

International Economic Reports and Policies