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History 411: Reconstruction, the Gilded Age, and the Progressive Era, 1865-1919 (Dirks, Fall 2023)

Citation Basics

Chicago Manual of Style — Ref. Desk Z253.U69 2010 or online.

  • There are two versions of Chicago-style documentation, one which uses notes and one which uses in-text author-date citations. In history, it is conventional to use the "notes" style (either with footnotes at the bottom of the page or endnotes at the end of the document).
  • In some editions of the Chicago manual, this system is called "style A" or "documentation one." Historians do not generally use author-date citations ("style B" or "documentation two")

Online examples: See the Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide.

Managing citations is a crucial part of the Junior Seminar process. We recommend using Zotero to organize and cite your sources.