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Econ 382: Economics of Development

Research Guide for Econ 382 Economics of Development

Reed Library Catalog

In the Library Catalog, you can search Reed and Summit (Pacific Northwest college and university libraries) simultaneously. 

  • Choose "Books, Articles, and More" to access thousands of journal article links, along with Reed and Summit items. 

  • Choose "Reed + Summit" to find and request items from Reed and Summit Libraries.

  • Choose "Reed Library Only" to limit items from Reed Library only. 

To find materials beyond Reed and Summit libraries, you can search WorldCat. This expands your search to libraries worldwide and allows you to request materials through Interlibrary Loan

Locating & Borrowing Books

When searching library catalogs keep in mind:

  • Alternating between keyword and subject searching will probably be the most fruitful approach.
  • When you're searching for books you need to be much more general with your language.
  • Use the information in the detailed record to help you assess whether or not the book will be useful.
  • Remember that in some cases, you may simply need to turn to other resources, possibly including book reviews, to get detailed information about a book before you order it.

You can search the Reed Library and Summit using the catalog.

Request books from Summit libraries with your name and the barcode number from your Reed ID.  To request books from WorldCat libraries, you'll be linked to your Illiad (interlibrary loan) page, where you'll need to use your Reed network login and password to complete your request.