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Sources for doing theoretical and applied statistics

Springer ebooks

Springer provides a large collection of books on probability and statistics that are available for download through the Reed Library or searchable directly on the Springer website.

Reed holdings

SAGE Little Green Books

Little Green Books, SAGE’s popular Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series, provides short and accessible texts on quantitative methods. 

Call numbers: Probability and Statistics

Statistics in the Social Science (HA)
  HA29+        Statistical methods 
  HA35+        Textbooks
  HA154+      Data & censuses

 Probability (QA273 - QA275)
   QA273.2    Textbooks  
   QA274+     Stochastic processes 
   QA274.6    Markov processes and chains 

Mathematical statistics (QA276 - QA280)
   QA276.1    Textbooks   
   QA276.45  Stat. programming languages 
   QA277+     Hypothesis testing 
   QA278+     Multivariate analysis/regression
   QA278.8    Nonparametric methods  
   QA279+     Analysis of variance
   QA279.5    Bayesian statistics