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Econ 371: Law & Economics

Research Guide for Econ 371 Law and Economics

Getting Started on Legal Research

  1. Start from what you know.
  • Did a news story, video clip or article interest you? What information can you pull from the news source? 
  1. Find and read secondary sources to get a basic grasp of the area of law you are interested in. Look for a review related to your topic, case and specific issues. 
  • Look up law reviews in a legal database like NexisUni, HeinOnline or Westlaw. Pay attention for key words or citations you can follow up on. 
  1. Locate your case in a legal database, using either the case name or case citation.
  1. Find the written decisions of your case. See terminology of decision.
  • The text of a decision usually includes a brief summary of the facts, a discussion of relevant laws, the court’s reasoning and orders. Decision is often used interchangeably with “judgment”, “ruling”, and “order”.  
  1. Try to figure out what the case is about from a legal point of view.
  1. Find the rules on how to create and understand legal citations.