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What is it?

Safari Books Online is an ebook collection containing thousands of books and videos on web design, software development, graphic design, and software programs.It is recommended that Reed students, faculty, and staff set up accounts to access the entire collection from on- and off-campus. For off-line viewing, there are Android/iOS apps available.

Setting Up An Account

Creating an account allows you to save your viewing history of ebooks, videos, and learning paths found in Safari Books Online. To initiate making an account, click on a Safari ebook in the Library catalog or visit this link:

To initiate an account:

1. Enter your Reed email address. Accounts are free for Reed students, faculty, and staff.

2. Though you can immediately begin using Safari Books Online, it is recommended that you finish creating your account. Look for the “Welcome to Safari” email that includes a unique link and prompt for you to set up your personal Safari account. (This email could take 20-30 minutes.)

3. Follow the link, then choose a password (Pro Tip: Do not use your kerberos password.) This new password and your Reed email address will become your Safari Books Online login. 


4. Once you account is complete you can sign in to browse and search Safari Books Online from proxy required!  At the main Safari Books Online screen, use the Sign In button in the upper right hand corner.