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Econ 314: Macroeconomic Theory

Research Guide for Econ 314 Macroeconomic Theory

How to use this guide

Once you have chosen your country and economic theory, you can begin searching these various resources. 

You are going to want to search for:

  • Background information about the country or region you are exploring
    • Locate your country or region in the World Factbook and CIAO (Country Outlook).
      • Every country has an Economy section (GDP, Industries, Labor, Unemployment, Budget, etc).
      • Collect basic demographic, socio-economic-political information that will help inform you about the locale. 
      • Think long term, structural, institutional, systems of government, technology systems, when trying to think of your foundational issue and theory. 
    • Many of the development bank resources have a section about "Where we work" or "Regions we operate in," this is where you will find your country's profile and policy plans. 
    • Sometimes it helps to trace a timeline of how your country's economy was shaped.
  • Theory: What are theories that have shaped the long term macroeconomic theory of your country? 
    • Look through News Sources- How is this theory being reported about in various new sources? Domestically? Internationally?
    • Begin looking through research reports- Once you have identified the issues affecting your country or region, locate policies or reports on the theory.
  • References: Use data, country reports, economic policies and economic literature.

International Country Information

International Economic Reports and Policies