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Using the Reed Catalog you can search Reed's collection, local libraries (via Summit), & libraries all over the world (via WorldCat) all at once. You can even check your account & renew Reed items from "My Account".

Sometimes browsing the shelves is helpful.  Some relevant call number ranges are:
QA 1+         General Math  

QA 8.9+      Mathematical Logic 

QA 21+       Math History

QA 75.5+    Computer science

QA 150+     Algebra

QA 276+     Mathematical Statistics

QA 297+     Numerical Analysis

QA 299.6+  Analysis 

QA 440+     Geometry

QA 1+ General Math

QA 8.9+ Mathematical Logic

Classical Mathematical Logic: the Semantic Foundations of Logic
Stacks QA9 .E67 2006

A Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Online E-book

Handbook of Mathematical Logic
Stacks QA9 .H32

QA 21+ Math History

Geometrical landscapes : the voyages of discovery and the transformation of mathematical practice
QA24 .A54 2002

History and philosophy of modern mathematics
Stacks Q175 .M645 v.11

Reasoning with the infinite : from the closed world to the mathematical universe
Stacks QC133 .B5313 1998

A history of mathematical notations
Stacks QA41 .C32 1993

A calculating people : the spread of numeracy in early America
Stacks QA27.U5 C63

The measure of reality : quantification and Western society, 1250-1600
Stacks D202 .C76 1997

The anthropology of numbers
Stacks GR933 .C78 1990

Classical probability in the Enlightenment
Stacks QA273.A4 D37 1988

The politics of large numbers : a history of statistical reasoning
Stacks HA19 .D4713 1998

The emergence of probability : a philosophical study of early ideas about probabilityinduction and statistical inference
Stacks QA273 .H22

The taming of chance
Stacks BD595 .H33 1990

Philosophers at war : the quarrel between Newton and Leibniz
Stacks QA303 .H16

Women in mathematics : the addition of difference
Stacks QA27.5 .H46 1997

The nature of mathematical knowledge
Stacks QA8.4 .K57 1984

Mechanizing proof : computingriskand trust
Stacks QA76.76.R44 M36 2001

The rise of statistical thinking1820-1900
Stacks QA276.15 .P67 1986

Mathematical visions : the pursuit of geometry in Victorian England
Stacks QA443.5 .R53 1988

The Italian Renaissance of mathematics : studies on humanists and mathematicians from Petrarch to Galileo
Stacks QA27.I8 R67

Remarks on the foundations of mathematics.
Stacks QA9 .W74

QA 150+ Algebra

A classical introduction to modern number theory
Stacks QA241 .I667 2010
Number Theory book

An introduction to the theory of numbers
Stacks QA241 H26I 1960
Number Theory book

Graph theory
Stacks QA166 .B668 2008

Galois theory
Stacks QA214 .S74 2004

Galois Theory

Linear algebra and its applications
QA184 .L397 1997

Linear algebra
Stacks QA251 .G713 1963

Finite-dimensional vector spaces
Stacks QA261 .H35 1958

Abstract algebra
Stacks QA162 .D85 1999

Stacks QA154.2 .A77 1991
Abstract Algebra book

Enumerative combinatorics
Stacks QA164.8 .S73 1997

Matrix analysis
Stacks QA188 .H66 1985
Linear Algebra

QA 276+ Mathematical Statistics

The Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics 
Ref QA276.14 .E84 2002 
Definitions and explanations of terms used in the field of statistics.

CRC Standard Probability and Statistics Tables and Formulae 
Ref QA273.3 .Z95 2000 
Contains many tables and formulae for statistics, probability, distributions, etc.

Introductory Statistics with R

The elements of statistical learning : data mining, inference, and prediction : with 200 full-color illustrations
Stacks Q325.75 .F75 2001
Machine Learning book

Theory of point estimation
Stacks QA276.8 .L43 1983

Testing statistical hypotheses
Stacks QA276 .L343

Introduction to probability theory
Stacks QA273 .H684

Probability : theory and examples
Stacks QA273 .D865 1991
Measure-theoretic probability

Statistical methods in bioinformatics : an introduction
Stacks R858 .E986 2001
Computational Biology

QA 297+ Numerical Analysis

Analysis of numerical methods
Stacks QA297 .I8
Numerical Analysis book

Theoretical numerical analysis : a functional analysis framework
Stacks QA320 .A85 2001

Numerical analysis
Stacks QA297 .B84 1981

QA 299.6+ Analysis

 Principles of mathematical analysis
Stacks QA300 .R8 1976
Basic Analysis book

Understanding analysis
Stacks QA300 .A18 2001
Basic Analysis book

Functional analysis.
Stacks QA320 .R83

Functional analysis
Stacks QA320 .L345 2002

Visual complex analysis
Stacks QA608 .N434 1997
Complex analysis book

Complex variables and applications.
Stacks QA331 .C57 1960
Complex analysis book

QA 440+ Geometry

Euclid's elements of geometry
Stacks QA451 .E875 1900

Stacks QA611 .M82 2000
A good introductory textbook.

Stacks QA611 .D8

Idealsvarieties, and algorithms : an introduction to computational algebraic geometry and commutative algebra 
Stacks QA564 .C688 2007

Basic algebraic geometry 
Stacks QA564 .S4513 1994

Lectures on curvessurfaces and projective varieties : a classical view of algebraic geometry 
Stacks QA565 .L4313 2009

Geometric invariant theory
Stacks QA564 .M85 1994

 A course in convexity 
Stacks QA639.5 .B37 2002
Convex Analysis

Calculus on manifolds : a modern approach to classical theorems of advanced calculus
Stacks QA612 .S65

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