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Accessibility and Disability Inclusion Resources

Guide to Accessibility and Disability Inclusion Resources for faculty, staff, and students.

Email accessibility

Email accessibility is important to ensure your communication is more easily understood by more people. Email accessibility includes features you can change in your settings, font size, ways you share links, and more.

Basic ways to improve your email are with descriptive links, alt text, and increase the default size of text.

  • Links within text: Be descriptive. For example, use "Ten Tips for Teaching Online" as the link name, not "click here" or "follow this link". Within gmail you can do this by highlighting the words you are using to describe the link, then 
  • Alt text for images: Add alternative text or descriptions for information being conveyed by an image (if it is not decorative)
    • Ask yourself, does this image need to be included, or could text work instead?
  • Font: Use at least 12, 14 is even better. You can change this in your default settings
    • Use a font that is sans-serif, like Arial or Verdana