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Thesis Help 2021-2022

Before Orals: Thesis Instructions

Before Orals: Submit to Registrar

  1. The student provides the thesis adviser with their final draft for approval. The thesis adviser approves the document for submission by providing the student a pdf proof of approval document (Reed email is sufficient.)
  2. Once the thesis adviser has approved, and no later than 3pm on April 29, the student submits a PDF of the thesis adviser approval -AND- a PDF of the final thesis via the Thesis Submission Form. Please note, there will not be a format check at this stage so make sure the thesis is acceptable for distribution to the members of the orals board. See the Library Formatting Section for requirements. 
  3. Once the submission of the thesis is confirmed, registrar staff will notify the student and thesis adviser and mark the submission as complete.
  4. The student will immediately send a copy (electronic or paper) to each member of the orals board, ensuring the readers have at least 48 hours to review the document before the exam.
  5. The library will follow up with students on required format updates to their thesis after it is submitted to the registrar. See the Library Formatting Section for formatting requirements.

Next step, go to "After Orals: Make Edits & Prepare Thesis for Final Submission" section.

After Orals: Make Edits & Prepare Thesis for Final Submission


  1. As soon as possible after your exam: make any edits required by your orals board and formatting corrections required by the library. Library staff will contact you if the theses you submitted to the registrar before the exam does not meet formatting guidelines.
  2. If you have questions about your formatting or want to make your thesis as perfect as possible, Ask a Librarian or look for drop in thesis formatting hours via Zoom (more information coming soon.)
  3. Once you have made all corrections required by the library and the orals board, you can save your thesis as a PDF to prepare for final submission. 

Next step, go to "AFTER EDITS ARE DONE: Digital Submission Portal" section.

AFTER EDITS ARE DONE: Digital Submission Portal

After you've made the corrections required by the Orals Board and formatting edits requested by the library you are ready to submit your  final thesis. 

  1. Save your final thesis as a PDF. Gather any additional files that you will want to upload with your thesis.
  2. Decide if you want to include your thesis in the electronic archive. For more information see this website.
  3. Log in to the submission portal and submit your final thesis to the library.
  4. You will not be able to resubmit your thesis so make sure you are submitting your finished document. 
  5. A librarian will check that your thesis meets the requirements and email you indicating if your submission has been approved or if further changes are required.
  6. You are done!

The library will coordinate and cover the cost of the printing and binding of the two library copies. If personal copies are desired, please contact Print Services


  • Failure to submit by required date may result in a failed project.