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Spanish Literature

Finding Books

Use the library catalog to search for print books and ebooks from Reed's collection. You can also search the print holdings of other local libraries (via Summit).

Browsing the Stacks: Call Numbers

Reed College uses the Library of Congress (LC) Classification system to arrange the books in the stacks. Spanish and Spanish-American literature are arranged by nationality of author, and by historical period (earliest to latest) within nationality. The PQs are located in the Library Lower Level 1 Southeast stacks. 


Country LC Call Number Range
Spain PQ 6000-6720
   History and Criticism PQ 6001-6168
   Collections PQ 6170-6279
   Authors to 1700 PQ 6271-6498
   Authors 1700 - c.1868 PQ 6500-6576
   Authors 1868 - 1960 PQ 6600-6647
   Authors 1961 - 2000 PQ 6650-6676
   Authors 2001 - PQ 6700-6726
United States and Canada PQ 7070-7079
General Spanish America, Collections and Anthologies PQ 7081-7087
Mexico PQ 7100-7298
Cuba PQ 7370-7392
Dominican Republic PQ 7400-7409
Puerto Rico PQ 7420-7442
Costa Rica PQ 7480-7489
Guatemala PQ 7490-7499
Honduras PQ 7500-7509
Nicaragua PQ 7510-7519
Panama PQ 7520-7529
Salvador PQ 7530-7539
Argentina PQ 7600-7798
Bolivia PQ 7800-7822
Chile PQ 7900-8098
Colombia PQ 8160-8180
Ecuador PQ 8200-8220
Paraguay PQ 8250-8259
Peru PQ 8300-8498
Uruguay PQ 8510-8520
Venezuela PQ 8530-8550