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Citation Help

In academic writing it is important to cite resources you consult. This guide will overview the process for various types of resources and introduce you to software programs that can help with the process.

Citing images using APA style

APA style suggests treating image citations as figures. Follow the guidelines below and reference the APA Style book (2021):

  • Images should appear at the end of your research, labeled with a figure number and given a caption. This figure number can be used in your text when referencing an image and should appear directly below the image.
  • Caption details include the artist’s name, the title of the artwork, the date, the image source, and the credit line.
  • For more descriptive captions, it is acceptable to include materials, measurements, and the repository of the work.
  • If information is not known, use n.d.

Image Sources


Figure Number. Artist/Creator's Last name, Initial. (date). Title. [materials]. Repository. Webpage Title. (Year, Month, day). Title of webpage. Retrieved from: URL. Credit line.


Fig. 14. Model, L. (1949). Opera. [Gelatin silver print]. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Reed Digital Collections. Retrieved from: © Estate of Lisette Model.


Figure Number. Artist/Creator's Last name, Initial. (date). Title. [materials]. Repository. Source Title (page) by Author, date, PublisherWebpage Title. (Year, Month, day). Credit line.


Fig. 8. Warhol, Andy (1956) Young Man with Pears, [drawing], ink and pencil on paper, 17 x 20 inches. Anthony D'Offay Gallery, London, England. From Tallman, S. (1996). The contemporary print : From pre-pop to postmodern. London: Thames and Hudson. © Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts / Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY.