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This page has information on using ZoteroBib, a way to build a bibliography or insert a citation from any computer or device, without installing Zotero software. This is a a way Chromebook users can use Zotero.

Using ZoteroBib

To access ZoteroBib, go to

ZoteroBib has some of the functionality of regular Zotero. You can:

  • create citations in different styles (ex. MLA, APA, Chicago, ACS, etc)
  • copy citations into your paper
  • create and export a bibliography
  • edit and save your bibliography 
ZoteroBib stores your references in the web browser's cache. That means it will not be able to save references if you use Incognito or Private Browsing mode.

Adding References

To add references:

  • In the ZoteroBib search bar, enter a URL, ISBN, DOI, PMID, or arXiv ID, or title
  • If automatic import doesn't find what you're looking for, or you're entering something without a URL or identifier, you can type in the reference information by clicking Manual Entry.

In-Text Citations

To generate an in-text citation (parenthetical citations or footnotes /endnotes):

  • Go to your Bibliography list in ZoteroBib
  • Select your style from the drop down menu
  • Click on the stack-of-paper icon
  • If needed, enter a page number
  • Click Copy Citation to copy the information to your clipboard

Create a Bibliography

To create a bibliography:

  • Copy a formatted bibliography to the clipboard and paste it into your document
  • Export HTML to add to a webpage, an RTF document to open in a word processor, or a RIS or BibTeX file to import into the desktop version of Zotero.

Saving a bibliography:

  • ZoteroBib automatically saves your bibliography to your browser's local storage — you can close the page and return to it anytime. If you're using private / incognito mode in your browser, your bibliography will be cleared when you close the window.
  • If you want to edit your bibliography on another device or share it with someone, click Create button under Link to this cersion. Use the link to retrieve your bibliography later.