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Semiotics - The study of sign systems in society.

Pragmatics - The branch of linguistics which studies those aspects of meaning which derive from the context of the utterance, rather than being intrinsic to the linguistic material itself.

(From Trask's A Student’s Dictionary of Language and Linguistics).

Background Sources for Semiotics & Pragmatics

Below are references sources specific for semiotics & pragmatics. Don't forget to also check the general linguistics reference sources.

Finding Books

Use the library catalog to search for print books and ebooks from Reed's collection. You can also search the print holdings of other local libraries (via Summit).

Reed College used the Library of Congress (LC) Classification system to arrange the books in the stacks. Though books on semiotics and pragmatics may be shelved in other locations, most books will be found in the LC call number range P99 - P99.4 in the Library Lower Level 1 East Stacks.