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Environmental Studies

Subject Guide for Research Help for Environmental Studies at Reed College

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Review Publications

Review publications contain articles that review the research already done in a given area. A review article can give you a synthesis of a particular topic and provide you with an extensive bibliography. 

To identify review articles, most databases allow you to search by article type (review) or limit your search to reviews. Reed Library also subscribes to annual reviews and review journals. You can browse the annual reviews by title, or you can search by topic.

Advances in Ecological Research

Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics
Reed subscribes to the entire collect of 38 Annual Review titles. You can search or browse all titles.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution (TREE)
A good place to find a shortish article on a "hot" topic.

Background Information

Tips for Environmental Studies Research

1. Choosing search terms:

Be thoughtful when selecting search terms. The word "environment" is used in many contexts. Try using specific search terms that do not include environment first, then add environmment as an additional search term after the initial search.

Browsing Reed's collection

Using the Reed Catalog you can search Reed's collection, local libraries (via Summit), & libraries all over the world (via WorldCat) all at once. You can even check your account & renew Reed items from "My Account".

Sometimes browsing the shelves is helpful.  Some relevant call number ranges are:

GB 400-649        Geomorphology

GB 651-2998       Hydrology

GC 1-1581           Oceanography

GE 1-350             General topics in Environmental science

GF 13+                Environmental history

GF 51                  Environmental influences on humans

GF 75                  Human influences on the environment

HB 849.415        Population & the environment

HC 1                   Natural Resources

HC 79. E5           Environmental policy & economic development

K 3581+              Environmental law

S 583-587           Agricultural chemicals

S 592.5+             Soil chemistry

S 900+                Conservation of natural resources

TD 1-1066           Environmental technology

TD 169                Environmental protection

TD 172                Environmental pollution