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Subject Guide for Research Help for Neuroscience at Reed College


Although there are a number of places to find methods, protocols, reviews and techniques (including videos) in the scientific literature and on the web, use this guide to navigate the specialized resources that are available through the Reed Library.  If you can not find what you are looking for in one of these resources, try the databases listed in this guide.

Methods & Protocols


Why this is useful: Review articles review/synthesize the research already done in a given area. A review article can give you a synthesis of a particular topic and provide you with an extensive bibliography. To identify review articles, most databases allow you to search by article type (review) or limit your search to reviews.

Reed Library also subscribes to a number of review journals. Titles of particular interest to neuroscience include:

Annual Review of … (search or browse all titles)
Long, detailed articles written on "established" topics by experts. Reed has electronic access to all articles.
        Annual Review of Biochemistry
        Annual Review of Biophysics
        Annual Review of Genetics
        Annual Review of Medicine
        Annual Review of Neuroscience
        Annual Review of Physiology
        Annual Review of Psychology
        Annual Review of Vision Science

Trends in...
A good place to find a shortish review article on a "hot" topic. Reed's access varies by title.
        Trends in Biochemical Sciences        Online: 1995-present         Print: 1983-2010
        Trends in Cognitive Sciences        Online: 1997-present
        Trends in Genetics        Online: 1995-present        Print: 1994-2013
        Trends in Neurosciences        Online: 1995-present         Print: 1990-2014

Current Opinion in … 
Mid-length detailed articles written on more recent topics.
       Current Opinion in Neurobiology        Online: 1995-present
       Current Opinion in Genetics & Development        Online: 1995-present

JOVE Science Education

JOVE Science Education is a database dedicated to teaching laboratory fundamentals through simple, easy to understand video demonstrations. Reed has access to the complete collection of science videos to improve scientific research and education.

JoVE Video Journals

JoVE Video Journals are peer-reviewed experimental techniques in a visual format with detailed protocols to increase scientific reproducibility and productivity.