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Subject Guide for Research Help for Neuroscience at Reed College


In academic work, the content of the work is not the only thing that is important. The way the information is presented, including copyright permission and correctly cited references also contributes to the academic integrity of your work.  Use this guide to find tools that will help you polish your work.

Citing Sources

In academic work, it is important to cite your sources anytime you quote or summarize any work that is not created by you. This includes: text, charts, photos, graphs, diagrams, data sets, or anything else that you did not create. To cite your sources correctly, you need to understand what information is needed and how to put it all together in your reference list. Style can vary by discipline, so it is important that you check with your professor to determine which style you should be using.

NOTE: Zotero can help you do all this automatically for longer papers.

Style: Books

Style: Articles

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