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Online Scores

Be sure to also check out the resources on the Primary & Historical Sources page for additional score and manuscript collections.

Tools & Resources

Find Scores at the PARC

Search the library catalog to find available music scores at the Performing Arts Resource Center (PARC):

  • Limit your search to Reed Library using the pull-down menu to the right of the search bar. To find materials available to request from other institutions, select Reed + Summit.
  • Filter your results further using the Scores facet under Resource Type in the left sidebar of your search results

Finding vocal music:

If you're looking for a particular aria, song from a musical, pop song, etc., search for the song title using a keyword search rather than a title search.

Finding instrumental music:

Start with a keyword search rather than a title search, and include any unique identifiers such as an opus or Köchel number.

Advanced Tips

Use Grove Music Online to identify the definitive title of the work you're looking for. Every entry for an individual composer includes a list of that composer's complete works (in the entry, look at the bottom of the left sidebar for Works). This is where you can find the most authoritative version of the title for a given work.

To add back post-covid

Use Historical Sets, Collected Editions, and Monuments of Music, by Anna Harriet Heyer, to find music published in anthologies.

  • We have this in PARC Books, ML113. H52 1980.
  • The contents of large anthologies of music, such as the complete works of a composer, are not always listed in library catalogs; Heyer's book lists the contents of these large anthologies.
  • Start with v.1.
  • If the composer you're looking for is not listed in v.1, look him or her up in v.2. V.2 indexes the contents of anthologies that contain music by multiple composers; a listing for your composer in v.2 will point you to the correct listing in v.1.