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Theatre Videos in the Library

Reed's collection of theatre videos are located in both the Performing Arts Resource Center (PARC) in the Performing Arts Building and the Instructional Media Center (IMC) in the main Library. Search for videos in the library catalog:

  • Limit your search to Reed Library using the pull-down menu to the right of the search bar. To find materials available to request from other institutions, select Reed + Summit (note that some institutions do not lend out their videos via Summit).
  • Filter your results further using the following Resource Type facets in the left sidebar of your search results: DVD Videos and/or Streaming
  • Try to narrow your search to specific performers, directors, playwrights, companies, etc. These are often easier to find in the library catalog than "plays about x" or "musicals exemplifying y."
  • Note: Be sure to verify the location and call number before pick up, or filter your results to either the PARC or IMC under Library in the left sidebar.

Streaming Video