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Electronic Resources for American Indian, First Nations & Indigenous Studies

The purpose of this research guide is to focus on key Electronic Resources for American Indian, First Nations & Indigenous Studies, with an emphasis on the Native American experience in the United States.

CIA World Factbook

The CIA provides information on populations, military, government, and economic activity for nations recognized by the United States.

Harvard University Native American Statistics Project

This site is a research portal for individuals looking for statistical and demographic data about American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. All of the data on this site are publically (and digitally) available from their original sources – but this site brings them together in a user-friendly, intuitive manner. Although we realize that this is neither a comprehensive database, nor an exhaustive library, we hope that it provides a good starting point for research and facilitates access to a large portion of the current data about American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians.

Human Development Report

Provides ranks/comparisons of countries in addition to various statistics. It also allows you to build your own custom tables between countries.

World Development Indicators

This provides economic, social, demographic, and environmental information by region and country.

United Nations Statistics Division

Contains statistics on world development, social conditions, trade, populations, and demographics. Provides both international and domestic statistics.

Social Explorer

Social Explorer contains data from the first Census in 1790 to the present day. Using their data, the user can generate maps of population or specific demographic variables by location, as well as reports.

Source for 2000 and 2010 decennial census data. And the 2010 American Community Survey

Native Land

This is a resource for North Americans (and others) to find out more about local Indigenous territories and languages.