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Specialized Areas Resources

A Companion to the Philosophy of Mind
BD418.3 .C62 1994 (print)
Includes many first person ariticles contributed by contemporary Anglo-American philosophers. Bibliographies at the end of articles.

A Companion to Aesthetics
BH56 .C65 2009 (print)
Anglo-American in perspective. Includes bibliographies, cross-references and an index.

A Companion to Epistemology
BD161 .C637 2010 (print)
Anglo-American in perspective with some attention to the Continental perspective. Includes bibliographies, cross-references and an index.

Glossary of Epistemology/Philosophy of Science
Ref. BD150 .F47 1993 (print)
Brief entries on concepts, leading thinkers and core ideas in these two fields.

A Companion to Ethics
BJ1012 .C62 1993 (print)
Survey articles on the subject of ethics. Slanted towards the Western tradition contains some articles on non-Western ethics.

Encyclopedia of Ethics (online)
Ref. BJ63 .E45 2001 (print)
More than 400 articles primarily written by an prominent thinkers on philosophical ethics. The focus chiefly Western. All articles include bibliographies. 3 v.

Handbook of Philosophical Logic (online)
BC6 .H36 2001 (print)
Systematic overview of the essential areas of philosophical logic.
   V. 1. Elements of Classical Logic
     BC71 .H36 1983 (print)
   V. 2. Extensions of Classical Logic
      BC71 .E98 1984 (print)

Handbook of Metaphysics and Ontology
Ref. BD111 .H225 1991 (print)
Articles that cover the historical figures, concepts and the tools of metaphysics reflecting both the Continental and Anglo-American perspectives.

Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy (online)
Ref. B121 .C66 1997 (print)
Covers the main traditions within Asian thought: Persian, Indian, Buddhist, Chinese, Japanese, and Islamic philosophy.

Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies: Bibliography
B131 .P67 1983 (print)
Over 13,000 entries covering books and articles indexed by name, title and topic. The library has the additional volumes with separate call numbers.

Guide to Buddhist Philosophy
B162 .I53 1985 (print)
Annotated bibliography of mostly English books, articles, and dissertations.

Philosophy of Religion: An Annotated Bibliography of Twentieth-century Writings
BL51 .W34 1978 (print)
Over 1100 entries grouped in categories.

A History of Women Philosophers:
Essays on individual women philosophers. Includes overviews, bibliographies and timeline of the women philosophers showing chronological overlap with contemporary male philosophers.
   V. 1. Ancient Women Philosophers, 600 B.C. - 500 A.D.
      B105.W6 A53 1987 (print)
   V. 2. Medieval, Renaissance and Enlightenment Women Philosophers, A.D. 500 - 1600
      Ref. B105 .W6 M39 1989 (print)
   V. 3. Modern Women Philosophers, 1600 - 1900
      Ref. B105.W6 M63 1991 (print)
   V. 4. Contemporary Women Philosophers: 1900 - Today
      Ref. B105.W6 C66 1995 (print)

Women Philosophers: A Bio-critical Source Book
Ref. B105.W6 K47 1989 (print)
Has overview, bibliographies and name index. Includes an alphabetical table of women philosophers.