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Image Research Guide

Use this guide to find various resources for your image research and scholarship in the visual arts. This guide includes image databases, open-access repositories, special topic resources, book recommendations, and helpful tools for navigating copyright a

Citing images using APA style

APA style suggests treating image citations as figures. Follow the guidelines below and reference the APA Style book (2021):

  • Images should appear at the end of your research, labeled with a figure number and given a caption. This figure number can be used in your text when referencing an image and should appear directly below the image.
  • Caption details include the artist’s name, the title of the artwork, the date, the image source, and the credit line.
  • For more descriptive captions, it is acceptable to include materials, measurements, and the repository of the work.
  • If information is not known, use n.d.

Image Sources


Figure Number. Artist/Creator's Last name, Initial. (date). Title. [materials]. Repository. Webpage Title. (Year, Month, day). Title of webpage. Retrieved from: URL. Credit line.


Fig. 14. Model, L. (1949). Opera. [Gelatin silver print]. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Reed Digital Collections. Retrieved from: © Estate of Lisette Model.


Figure Number. Artist/Creator's Last name, Initial. (date). Title. [materials]. Repository. Source Title (page) by Author, date, PublisherWebpage Title. (Year, Month, day). Credit line.


Fig. 8. Warhol, Andy (1956) Young Man with Pears, [drawing], ink and pencil on paper, 17 x 20 inches. Anthony D'Offay Gallery, London, England. From Tallman, S. (1996). The contemporary print : From pre-pop to postmodern. London: Thames and Hudson. © Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts / Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY.