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Image Research Guide

Use this guide to find various resources for your image research and scholarship in the visual arts. This guide includes image databases, open-access repositories, special topic resources, book recommendations, and helpful tools for navigating copyright a

Image Resources

General Databases


Books are often the only source to find an image. Using a book as your primary source could give you more information about an image and give you context to another scholar's work. Navigate to the library catalog and follow the search strategies below to find images in books. 

  • Search for 'illus' as a keyword (include the quote marks around the keyword).
  • Select Advanced Search, filter by Subject Term, and search for pictorial or illustrations.


Article databases allow you to limit your search to articles containing images or to sort your search result to highlight articles containing images.

  • Humanities International Complete

    Search specifically for articles containing images. Enter your search terms, type 'illustration', and select the type of image you're looking for in the bottom right.

  • JSTOR 

    Search results to highlight articles containing images.