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Electronic Resources for Black Studies

The purpose of this research guide is to focus on key Electronic Resources for Black Studies, with an emphasis on African American experience in the United States.

Slavery & Higher Education

Universities Studying Slavery

"...address both historical and contemporary issues dealing with race and inequality in higher education and in university communities as well as the complicated legacies of slavery in modern American society."

Dickinson & Slavery, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

With this initiative, spearheaded by the House Divided Project in 2018-19, Dickinson now joins a number of American colleges and universities that have begun serious reexaminations of their historical connections to (and complicity with) enslavement.

Georgetown Memory Project (independent group)

The GMP is an independent group founded by friends, allies & alumni of Georgetown University, aligned with the Georgetown slaves and their living descendants.

Georgetown Slavery Archive, Georgetown University

The Georgetown Slavery Archive is a repository of materials relating to the Maryland Jesuits, Georgetown University, and slavery.

Harvard & Slavery, Harvard University

The presidential initiative on Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery is a University-wide effort anchored at the Radcliffe Institute and guided by a faculty committee drawn from every Harvard school.

Lemon Project: College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA

William & Mary university's role in perpetuating slavery and racial discrimination. 

Lord Dalhousie Scholarly Panel on Slavery and Race, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Established to examine the university's history with regard to slavery and race and recommend actions Dalhousie could take in response.

MIT Black History Project, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT Black History Project has archived over 3,000 pieces of history related to the black experience at the Institute dating back to the 1870s.

Princeton and Slavery, Princeton University

An exploration of Princeton University’s historical ties to the institution of slavery

Princeton Seminary and Slavery, Association of Black Seminarians Report

When Princeton Theological Seminary was founded in 1812, it was part of a national culture and a local community that were deeply entangled in slavery.

Report on Slavery and Racism in the History of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Online report on Slavery and Racism in the History of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Slavery & the University, University of Virginia

The University of Virginia explores and commemorates its relationship with slavery, as well as the lives of the enslaved people who were an integral part of early life at Jefferson’s University.

Slavery and the Making of the University, UNC Libraries

Introduces materials that recognize and document the contributions of slaves, college servants and free persons of color primarily during the university's antebellum period

Steering Committee on Slavery & Justice, Brown University

Brown University's Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice, the committee, which included faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students, and administrators, was charged to investigate and to prepare a report about the University’s historical relationship to slavery and the transatlantic slave trade. 

University of Mississippi Slavery Research Group

The UMSRG is a group of University of Mississippi faculty and staff working across disciplines to learn more about the history of slavery and enslaved people in Oxford and on campus.